WME Village 8
Lakeside, AZ

COVID Procedures

COVID Procedures

Health First – For the health and safety of our customers and employees. Customers and employees are required to wear a face mask.

Wash Your Hands – Help prevent the spread of COVID-19. All team members must properly and frequently wash their hands a minimum of once every hour.

Physical Distance – All team members must practice and maintain appropriate physical distancing as recommended by the CDC and local health authorities.

Wear Required Protective Equipment – All team members must wear the required PPE and adhere to all CDC recommended standards of use of such equipment at all times. PPE will be provided at no cost to team members.

Sanitize High-Contact Surfaces – High-contact surfaces (door handles, railings, counter tops, self-serve dispensers, faucets, etc.) must be sanitized at a minimum of once every 30 minutes.

Stay Home If You Are Sick – Team members will have their temperature taken upon arrival to work. Team members showing symptoms of illness must remain at home and will not be allowed back at work until cleared by a medical professional. A recorded temperature of 100.4 or higher and team members will be sent home and are not allowed back at work until cleared by a medical professional.

Maximum Occupancies – Limited to 25% of capacity.

6ft Spacing – Marked throughout portico, lobby, hallways and restrooms.

Seat Spacing – 6ft above, 6ft below and a minimum of two seats apart from other parties marked prior to arrival.

Online Ticketing – Encouraged via mobile or our website

WME Theatres is committed to providing quality entertainment and customer service to the White Mountain Community in a safe and comfortable environment.

Thank you for your support!